Thursday, May 28, 2015

Newborn PhotoShoot

On Wednesday June 11th we had Lindsay Christerson of Lindsay Joy Photography come to our house and take newborn and family pictures. We did not do this with Lyla and I wish we had. I think everything was just so new and overwhelming the first time and I thought it was so expensive, I did not see the value. But, oh man. I wish I had. There is just something about someone else capturing your baby's first few days, someone who knows what they are doing with the camera. My pictures are getting better, but I still do not think they are the best they can be. A dream of mine would one day to do newborn photography as a hobby. I think there is just something SO sweet about it and after seeing Lindsay come to our house and do it for us, I would love to do it for others. But I need to practice! Anyone want me to practice on your newborn?? Let me know....I need some free practice!!

Lindsay was supposed to come to the hospital, but timing wise I decided in the moment not the have her come. Again, wish I had.

Lindsay gave me some tips before she came, like, we will work around feeding times (Logan would probably eat at least once while she was there), that this would take awhile, make the house warmer so that Logan would be comfortable unwrapped (talk about heat stroke for me....5 days postpartum, sweating in Atlanta June weather), and to plan for her to come during his happier time of the day, which would be the morning time.

She came around 10:45am and I had just fed him about 30-45 minutes prior to her coming. She reiterated again that this would be a slooooow, long process and that I would be exhausted once she left. I was feeling good, so I could not imagine feeling exhausted taking some pictures. But man, I was EXAHUSTED and hurting by the time she left!! She was SOOOO right! It was the most I had been on my feet really since he had been born. So I was really hurting and needed a nap once she left. Haha!

We decided to take all the pictures we needed to with Lyla first, that way she could eat lunch and take her nap. She was in quite a silly mood, so it was interesting getting her to smile for the camera. Oh three year olds!

But we were able to get some sweet pictures of brother and sister.
Pure love!

Thanks to Jacqueline for the sweet Big Sister, Little Brother shirts! I love them and they were perfect for pictures.

Any opportunity she gets to hold him, she jumps on it!

He wasn't so sure. I think he just did not like being naked and unwrapped.

Lyla has slept with her "muddy buddy" (monkey blanket) since she was born. When we were getting ready for Logan, she insisted that he needed a muddy buddy as well. So we went to the store and she got to pick out the monkey material and I had Donna make Logan his very own monkey blanket. Lyla decided she wanted to take pictures with her monkey blanket and that Logan needed to as well.

Family of Four.

My sweet girl.

I thought it was funny when we got the pictures back that our cat ended up in the picture as well. I guess she wanted to be included in the family picture....haha! She might be a little neglected.

Logan was not excited about being unwrapped and taking pictures. I understand why it is such a long process. It takes so long to get baby happy and posed just right for each picture. After the family pictures, Adam fed Lyla her lunch and I fed Logan while Lindsay got the next picture location ready.

We took Logan's individual pictures in his room. I love his room. Sports themed, navy blue. I just love being in his room. It is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

Since we did the sports theme for his room, I wanted to do some sports-themed pictures with him.

This is one of Adam's old baseball mitts from when he played and one of his baseballs. His mom saved a lot of his special game balls.

Love those baby feet.

He is so much bigger than Lyla was, but he is still so tiny. I cannot get over how tiny they are and how quickly you forget how tiny they start off.

After he ate, we finally got him to go to sleep and get some sleeping baby pictures. It took a lot of work to get him to go to sleep and get comfortable though.

Still cannot get over all his hair!

Big sister came in before she took a nap and we got a few more sweet pictures.

I love these pictures of the two of them.

He looks like a little baby doll.

We tired and tried and tried to unwrap him and keep him happy at the same time so we could get some naked baby pictures of us holding him. But he wanted no part of it. There was no settling him down once he was unwrapped....which is so weird since he doesn't like sleeping swaddled....go figure. So we figured a happy swaddled baby was better for pictures than an unhappy naked baby.

That hair!

Love our sweet baby boy.

Love those sweet baby snuggles. I love this sweet baby stage!

Daddy and his son.

Sweet boy.

All the picture taking has worn him out.

Sweet baby toes.

So happy to have these sweet pictures to remember these first few days of having Logan home with us. I love pictures and picture taking. I love having our memories captured. I love being able to look back on these moments and have them captured in time. Lyla loves going back and looking at old pictures of things we have done and places we have been. I remember loving that as a child too. What a gift to have!

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